ACUSTRIP 987600 Series


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Ethanol in Fuel Test

The Acustrip (987600) Ethanol in Fuel Test is used to detect the percentage of Ethanol in gasoline. The risk of affecting your vehicle warranty exists as extra ethanol can corrode plastic, rubber, and metal parts in engines that are not built to handle it. Protect your investment by avoiding this risk by testing your fuel with the Acustrip Ethanol in Fuel Test Kit. The kit contains everything your need, while the refills provide an economical way to conduct multiple tests.

The ACU987600 test is part of our AcuTest line designed specifically to address the need for testing various fluids besides antifreeze coolant. The same quality and reliability you have come to expect in our coolant test strips can be found in our entire AcuTest line of products.

Please Note: Always use the instructions and color charts packaged with the product. Do not rely on your computer screen or printer to accurately render colors from charts provided online.



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