ACUSTRIP 480508 Series


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Presence of Oil (Hydrocarbons) Test

The ACUSTRIP (480508) Hydrocarbon Contamination Test is an effective field or laboratory test to detect the presence of hydrocarbons (i.e. from fuel, gasoline, kerosene, oil, etc.) in diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), water, or antifreeze coolant and soil. It is used to detect contamination in water, signs of a blown head gasket by determining the presence of oil in the antifreeze coolant or cross fluid contamination. Simply dip the test strip into the fluid to be tested. The presence of hydrocarbons causes black spots to appear on the test strip that can be compared to the instruction chart to determine the level of contamination. The presence of hydrocarbons in water, antifreeze coolant, soil or DEF is a sure sign service is needed.

The ACU480508 test is part of our AcuTest line designed specifically to address the need for DEF testing while also being able to test for hydrocarbon contamination (i.e. by fuel, gasoline, kerosene, oil, etc) in a variety of other fluids.

The 480508-2 Kit comes complete with 100 tests and two reusable pipettes and two reusable vials. Also available as 328-480508 Ford Rotunda Program.

Please Note: Always use the instructions and color charts packaged with the product. Do not rely on your computer screen or printer to accurately render colors from charts provided online.



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