ACUSTRIP Automotive Service Label Inspection Kit


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ACUSTRIP Service Lane Vehicle Inspection Kit (VIK™)

Make informed decisions about fluid services. Improve trust, reduce unscheduled service and improve vehicle service life. Inspections are provided on site consistently and quickly.

This kit guides technicians through common maintenance items following all MAP Guidelines for service and/or replacement recommendations.

The 30000 Series Kit covers all external, under hood and under vehicle systems in a visual format easily understood by consumers and technicians. All test strips and other items are included to minimize the time needed to complete the service.

Clients using this Inspection Kit experience greater satisfaction from their customers, make more money per repair order and have greater customer satisfaction. Our customers are getting a 50-70 dollar ROI on this product. This Full-Service Inspection Kit can also be a Fluids Only Kit by just removing one panel.

Packaged in box of 100. The box size is 11 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 6″ and weighs seven pounds.

Replaces the Undercar vehicle inspection forms. Meets AMRA/MAP, ASTM, SAE ISO standards. Made in the USA.

Please Note: Always use the instructions and color charts packaged with the product. Do not rely on your computer screen or printer to accurately render colors from charts provided online.



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